IRCTC Ladies Quota Reservation - All you need to know

Ladies quota
Ladies quota

Including a Ladies quota is an excellent initiative by Indian Railways to ensure the safety and security of women passengers during train travel. Women can freely avail special quota rights and show their gratitude to Indian Railways by tweeting on its official Twitter handle @RailMinIndia. Indian Railways, by providing these facilities, is encouraging women to travel independently and confidently, thereby empowering them to lead better life.

The quota is usually available in the sleeper class and second sitting, and only six berths are available under this category in the entire train. Women traveling alone or with a child under 12 years of age can make a reservation under this quota. However, male children under 12 years of age can also be booked under this quota. Although the quota can be booked online, the six seats or berths may be in the middle of many other berths occupied by men. Nevertheless, this initiative by the Indian Railways has made travel safer and more accessible for women.

Facilities available under the ladies’ quota

The Indian Railways has introduced various facilities for female passengers to ensure their safety and comfort during train travel. 

  • One of the primary measures is the reservation quota of six berths in sleeper class and three in AC classes for female passengers, irrespective of their age, whether traveling alone or in a group. 

  • Additionally, a quota of lower berths has been earmarked for senior citizens, pregnant women, and female passengers aged 45 and above in Sleeper, AC 3-tier, and 2-tier classes, respectively. 

  • There is also a provision to allot lower berths to senior citizens and female passengers of 45 years and above automatically, subject to the availability of accommodation. 

  • Moreover, separate counters are earmarked for female passengers at various Passenger Reservation System (PRS) centers, and waiting rooms and toilets are also provided for their exclusive use.

How to book a ticket under the ladies' quota

To book tickets in the ladies' quota, women passengers can avail the facility by selecting “Ladies” under the option of quotas while booking tickets through IRCTC's website or via the PRS counter.

If the number of seats in the ladies' quota is sold out, passengers can try the senior citizen quota (if they are more than 45 years old).

To use the pregnant women's quota, passengers need to go to the PRS counter for reservations and show the pregnancy certificate form registered by a legal medical practitioner.

Booking tickets under the ladies’ quota does not incur any additional charges, and if the tickets in this quota are sold out, vacant seats will be allotted to handicapped or other ladies' travelers.

Ladies quota
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