List Of Chief Minister Of Maharashtra Till Date

List Of Chief Ministers Of Maharashtra
List Of Chief Ministers Of MaharashtraPratidin Time

The present Chief Minister of Maharashtra is Mr. Eknath Shinde. Throughout history, Maharashtra has been led by a number of good politicians who served as Chief Ministers. 

It is vital to know that one of the most significant roles in the daily operations of a state government is that of the Chief Minister.The Chief Minister is vested with a wide range of authorities and responsibilities.

List Of Chief Ministers Of Maharashtra & Their Service Periods (Latest one first):

The names of former Chief Ministers are shown here, along with the length of time they served in that role and the political party to which they belonged.

List Of Chief Ministers Of Maharashtra
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1. Who was the first chief minister of Maharashtra?

Shri Yashwantrao Chavan

2. Who is the youngest Chief Minister of Maharashtra?

Sharad Pawar

3. What is Maharashtra CM salary?

₹50,000 (US$630) (+Salary received as MLA/MLC)

4. Who is the current Chief Minister of Maharashtra?

 Eknath Shinde

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