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PM salary
PM salaryPM salary

The Prime Minister, President, and Members of the Parliament of India are among the government officials whose wages are determined by their respective offices. These annual salary reviews are a reflection of the high levels of leadership and decision-making that go into these positions.

June 16, 2024, is the incumbent prime minister's term's end. Today, June 4, the results of the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 were declared. India's leadership is under the Prime Minister's authority as head of state.

Earning of Indian Prime Minister: Salary, Perks & Other Perks

Since gaining its independence, India has developed gradually and is now the largest democracy in the world. Adopting the parliamentary system, India has demonstrated its worldwide significance. Being the nation's first citizen, the President's job is extremely important, and the Prime Minister is also one of the highest-ranking positions in India. Members of Parliament are chosen by the citizens of their constituencies to represent their needs and advance those interests. Many people are interested in learning the Indian Prime Minister's income, nevertheless.

Prime Minister's Salary

In India, the prime minister is the highest-ranking executive position. The Prime Minister, who is chosen by the President, is in charge of the alliance or political group that holds the majority of seats in the Lok Sabha, the lower house of Parliament. The Prime Minister of India is paid a salary as well as certain benefits and allowances.

 The salary breakdown for the Prime Minister is as follows:

  1. The monthly salary of the Prime Minister is Rs 1.66 lakh.

  2. This includes a basic pay of Rs 50,000.

  3. The Prime Minister also receives an expense allowance of Rs 3,000.

  4. The parliamentary allowance amounts to Rs 45,000.

  5. Additionally, there is a daily allowance of Rs 2,000.

Prime Minister's Salary: Other Allowances

  1. There is no rent or other housing expense associated with the official residence given to the prime minister.

  2. The protection of the Prime Minister is within the purview of the Special Protection Group (SPG).

  3. The prime minister has access to a fleet of official vehicles and aircraft for travel.

  4. The Prime Minister's international travel, lodging, and meals are funded by the government.

  5. The Prime Minister is entitled to five years of SPG security, free housing, and limitless power and water after retirement. 

Role and Responsibilities of Prime Minister

1. Head of Government: The Prime Minister is in charge of the government and makes sure it runs well.

2. Leader of the Cabinet: They preside over sessions where key decisions are made with other ministers.

3. Government Spokesperson: The Prime Minister represents India abroad and explains government choices.

4. Policy Maker: They collaborate closely with other leaders to formulate plans for the nation's progress.

5. Nominating Officials: The Prime Minister chooses significant people to fill crucial positions in the administration.

6. Representing India: They go overseas to engage with foreign dignitaries and safeguard the country's interests.

7. Crisis Management: To protect public safety in the event of a tragedy or attack, the prime minister assumes command.

8. Upholding the Constitution: They make sure that the government respects the rights of the people and abides by the Constitution.

9. Answering to Parliament: The Prime Minister meets with legislators to go over policy choices and hears their concerns.

10. Providing Leadership: They establish the nation's future objectives and motivate everyone to strive towards them.

List of Prime Ministers of India and their Tenure


What is PM salary per month?


A certain amount is allotted to the prime minister to cover his living expenses. Allowances are these predetermined sums of money. The entire monthly amount, after deducting basic pay and all of these benefits, is 1.6 lakh. Therefore, the Prime Minister's base wage is ₹50,000 each month.


Who decides the salary and allowances of the PM?


The correct answer is Parliament. The Salaries and Allowances of Minister Act, 1952 basically deal with the salaries and allowances of the Council of Ministers. On the basis of this Act, these salaries & allowances are determined by the Parliament.


What is the age limit for PM?


Be above 25 years of age if they are a member of the Lok Sabha, or, above 30 years of age if they are a member of the Rajya Sabha.

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