Queen captions for Instagram

Queen captions for Instagram
Queen captions for Instagram

Every woman has a queen inside of her who knows when to speak up and when to take a stand. Queens have fought and won numerous wars on their own, which has greatly contributed to their historical significance. In India, there are numerous inspirational tales about Rani Lakshmi Bai and her valiant battles against the British.

If you're searching for the perfect caption for an Instagram post, look no further.

Queen Captions For Instagram

1. I was born to be a queen.

2. It’s great to be queen!

3. Be loyal to the royal within you.

4. A queen in search of her throne.

5. Always follow your path.

6. Think like a lady, but act like a queen.

7. There’s a queen in every woman.

8. They call me the queen of the hustle.

9. On a mission to build my empire.

10. I’d like to be the queen of people’s hearts.

Beauty Queen Captions

1. Beauty is always queen.

2. Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.

3. A crown of kisses to the queen of dreams.

4. I am a ray of sunshine mixed with a hurricane.

5. The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens.

6. Whenever you’re making beauty around you, you’re restoring your soul.

7. The beauty of a person is temporary. But personality is permanent and lasts forever.

8. Queen is the Beauty & King is the Beast, So Every Beauty Deserves the Beast.

Savage Queen Captions

1. Just Queenin'

2. I’m the queen with or without you.

3. Be savage, not average.

4. She’s too glam to give a damn.

5. Don’t be average when you can be savage.

6. I’m no beauty queen, I’m just beautiful me.

7. A king is incomplete without his Queen.

8. My heart is good, but my mouth is savage.

9. You can be the king but watch the queen conquer.

10. Sassy queens do not mess with narrow-minded people.

11. You were my cup of tea. Sadly now I drink champagne.

12. Elvis may be the King of Rock and Roll, but I am the Queen.

Queen Hashtag For Instagram

  1.  #queen

  2.  #love

  3.  #beautiful

  4.  #beauty

  5.  #fashion

  6.  #music

  7.  #king

  8.  #s

  9.  #instagram

  10.  #like

  11.  #follow

  12.  #freddiemercury

  13.  #model

  14.  #cute

  15.  #makeup

  16.  #instagood

  17.  #photography

  18.  #art

  19.  #explorepage

  20.  #brianmay

  21.  #princess

  22.  #rogertaylor

  23.  #actress

  24.  #dragqueen

  25.  #singer

  26.  #johndeacon

  27.  #explore

  28.  #drag

  29.  #style

  30.  #likeforlikes

Queen captions for Instagram
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