Taj Mahal captions & Quotes for Instagram

Taj Mahal captions & Quotes for Instagram
Taj Mahal captions & Quotes for Instagram

The Taj Mahal is one of the most famous and historic monuments in India. It is also one of the oldest. We all think of Mumtaz and Shah Jahan when we hear the name of the Taj Mahal. This monument was erected by Shah Jahan in Mumtaz's honour. Another name for the Taj Mahal is a symbol of love.

The Taj Mahal is surrounded by a stunning and natural setting. It is situated in Uttar Pradesh on the Yamuna River's banks in the city of Agra. Several artists and craftspeople used royal artifacts to inspire the construction of the Taj Mahal.

The most insightful Taj Mahal Quotes and lovely Taj Mahal Captions for Instagram may be found right here. 

Short Taj Mahal Captions For Instagram

1. Taj Mahal: A Symbol of Love.

2. Waah, Taj!

3. Pride of India.

4. Undoubtedly, a wonder.

5. A magnificent piece of architecture.

6. The pride of the Mughal empire.

7. No wonder, it’s a wonder.

8. Story of a pair of swans.

9. Taj Mahal: Crown of Palaces.

10. Taj Mahal: Memorial to love.

11. The most beautiful tomb in the world.

12. Feeling the beauty and love all around.

13. Discovering India.

14. Heart of India.

15. Heart-throbbing masterpiece.

Short Taj Mahal Quotes for Instagram

  1.  “Marble, I perceive, covers a multitude of sins.” – Aldous Huxley

  2. “Taj Mahal is not just a monument, but a symbol of love.” – Suman Pokhrel

  3. “Taj Mahal was built as a team; without a team, it was a far dream.” – Vinita Kinra

  4.  “She smelled the way the Taj Mahal looks by moonlight.” – Raymond Chandler

  5.  “In front of the Taj Mahal, I felt a nice sensation of breathing, freedom, and peace.”

  6.  “The Taj Mahal, the symbol of love, signifies that the tomb can be architecture too.”

  7.  “I found the Taj Mahal as the most appropriate example of artistically expressed love.” – Suman Pokhrel

  8. “The Taj is pinkish in the morning, milky white in the evening and golden when the moon shines.” – Anonymous

Famous Taj Mahal Quotes and Captions for Instagram

  1. There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who have seen the Taj Mahal and love it, and those who have not seen the Taj Mahal and love it. I would like people to watch the Taj Mahal and fall in love with it.” – President Bill Clinton

  2.  “The sight of this mansion creates sorrowing sighs and makes the sun and moon shed tears from their eyes. In this world this edifice has been made to display, thereby, the Creator’s glory.” – Shah Jahan

  3.  “It appears like a perfect pearl on an azure ground. The effect is such I have never experienced from any work of art.” – Hodges

  4. “Not a piece of architecture, as other buildings are, but the proud passions of an emperor’s love wrought in living stones.” – Sir Edwin Arnold

  5. . “A massive marble structure, without weight, as if formed of ether, perfectly rational and at the same time entirely decorative, it is perhaps the greatest art work which the forming spirit of mankind has ever brought forth.” – Count Hermann Keyserling

  6. “The Taj Mahal rises above the banks of the river like a solitary tear suspended on the cheek of time.” – Rabindranath Tagore

  7. “To say she was attractive would be an understatement. Calling her ‘attractive’ would be like calling the Taj Mahal a marble grave.” – Mallika Nawa

  8.  “Did you ever build a castle in the Air? Here is one, brought down to earth and fixed for the wonder of ages.” – Bayard Taylor

  9.  “I’ve just been to the Taj Mahal which I’d never been to and I’m not a very romantic kind of guy but it is the most romantic thing I’ve ever seen.” – Danny Boyle

  10.  “You know Shah Jahan, life and youth, wealth and glory, they all drift away in the current of time. You strove, therefore, to perpetuate only the sorrow of your heart? Let the splendor of diamond, pearl, and ruby vanish? Only let this one teardrop, this Taj Mahal, glisten spotlessly bright on the cheek of time, forever and ever.” – Rabindranath Tagore

  11. “Now, remember, they say if two people go together to visit the Taj Mahal, that means they will always be together. Are you ready for that? I guess I’m stuck with you then.”

Taj Mahal captions & Quotes for Instagram
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