Traditional Dresses Of Assam: Bright, Elegant And Colorful

Traditional Dresses Of Assam
Traditional Dresses Of Assam

Traditional dresses of Assam are distinct for their bright, lively, and beautiful colors. One of the seven sisters of the North East includes Assam. With its rich cultural legacy, regional cuisine, native tongue, and well-known Assamese garb, this state stand out above others in terms of culture.

The Assamese people take great satisfaction in accessorising themselves with the exotic, opulent apparel and traditional jewellery that they wear, making the state not only heavenly with its verdant green woods and historical significance. 

Even in the modern period, the present generation respects and upholds the culture and traditions that the ancestors practiced in earlier times. And this is where the state's uniqueness rested.

Mekhela Chador

For ladies, the Mekhela Chador is the main traditional garment of Assam. They take great pride in wearing it, as it is super elegant to look at. The fabric used to make Mekhela Sador can vary, and women also weave them on their own. This two-piece outfit is worn similarly like a saree.

The Mekhela is the lower portion, and the Chador is the upper piece. The Chador complements the Mekhela beautifully, and the designs on it are chosen by keeping that in mind.

Dhoti Gamusa

We are all aware of the significance of the dhoti in old Indian traditions and how proud the men of Assam are to wear it. When it comes to dhoti, not everyone is aware of the correct technique to wear it. It does require a bit of skill.

However, Assamese people regularly wear it and are skilled at doing so. They also carry a "Gamosa" with it. A highly important item of clothing in this state is called gamosa. It typically has red embroidery on both ends and is white in colour.

In the state, it is used to congratulate people and express respect and gratitude.

Traditional dresses of the tribes of Assam

Assam is also home to numerous tribes, each of which has its own way of dressing, distinct traditions, and culture that have been upheld for many centuries.

Following are some of the traditional dresses of Assam, besides Mekhela chador.

  • The Bodo tribe

This Bodo tribe's men typically cover their upper bodies with regular shirts while covering their bottom bodies with a gamosa. Their footwear, known as "Khorom," is distinctive since it is made of wood. The ladies of this tribe, however, have a distinctive style of attire.

The Dokhna, a garment that resembles a dress and goes from the woman's chest all the way down to her ankles, is visible on these women. It is designed such that it can only be wrapped once around the body before being fastened at the waist.

This Dokhna is composed of Agor and a variety of vivid designs and colours. Without an Agor, a Dhokna might be referred to as a Salamatha and is considered to be a bridal attire. The locals have mastered the ability of utilizing eri fibres to create some exquisite clothing that is considered elegant by all.

Traditional Dresses Of Assam
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  • The Dimasa Tribe

Men typically wear a Sgaopha or a Phagri, which is quite significant to them. They consider it as a badge of honour and so they wear it with great pride.

The Sgaopha is typically green or yellow, although the grooms can alternatively wear it in white with red thread. They both Risha and Gainthao carry a small muffler called a rigdo that varies in length. 

Women's attires are equally aesthetic and beautiful. They dress in Rigu, a lengthy garment. Bathormai, which is worn in the summer and is akin to Rigu, has just one design on the entire piece of clothing. Young women wear rijamphain, a white piece of clothing. Dimasa Women truly know how to wear their traditional attires gracefully.

  • The Mishing tribe

The men of the Mishing tribe dress themselves in garments known as Gonru Ugon dhotis. Their upper torso is covered in a material that resembles a shirt called mibu galuk. They also have Gamosa Dumer, which is quite important.

While men seem to have a special attire, women of this tribe have a relatively simpler outfit. They don the "Yakan Age-Gasa" Mekhela Chador, which is black in colour. Blouses are colourful, and everyone is dressed colourfully for the wedding.

  • The Rabha Tribe

The members of Rabha tribe diligently adhere to their customs, and they dress in a very distinctive way. The guys typically don a long Gamosa and a white dhoti.

The Koum Kontong, a skirt-like cloth with stunning tribal patterns that is wonderfully crafted, is worn by the women. Wearing a kambang covers the top torso. The belt or Kamarband that goes with this outfit is made out of lovely Labok shells and pearls, and it looks chic on the wearer.

Assam, and even the whole of NorthEast India is a mysterious region with untold stories, distinctive styles, and unconventional beauties. It is also a place of wonder and enchantment. The exquisite stitching and patterns on the fabric each have a unique narrative to tell, which can only be learned by exploring this magnificent realm of fantasy. Hopefully, our blog was able to generate some curiosity on yoyr mind regarding the traditional dresses of Assam.

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