World Youth Skills Day 2024: Date and Time, History, Significance, and This Year's Theme

World Youth Skills Day 2024
World Youth Skills Day 2024

Mark your calendars for July 15, 2024, as the global community comes together to commemorate the 9th edition of World Youth Skills Day. This annual event celebrates the potential of skilled youth to drive sustainable progress and innovation across the world. 

World Youth Skills Day 2024 will be observed on an international scale under the theme 'Youth Skills for Peace and Development.' This theme underscores the pivotal role young people play in fostering peace and addressing global challenges through their skills and talents. 

Important Details of World Youth Skills Day 2024

Date and Time of World Youth Skills Day 2024

World Youth Skills Day 2024 is scheduled to take place on July 15, 2024, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) in Nairobi.

What is Youth Skills Day ?

World Youth Skills Day is an annual observance designated by the United Nations, celebrated on July 15th each year. It aims to raise awareness about the importance of equipping young people with essential skills for entrepreneurship, sustainable employment, and meaningful participation in societal development.

 The day underscores the critical role of skilled youth in addressing global economic, social, and environmental challenges, advocating for investments in their education and training to foster innovation and sustainable growth.

World Youth Skills Day 2024 Theme: Youth Skills for Peace and Development

The theme for World Youth Skills Day 2024, ‘Youth Skills for Peace and Development,’ underscores the essential role of young people in fostering peace, sustainable progress, and global citizenship.

History World Youth Skills Day

World Youth Skills Day originated from a pivotal UN resolution passed by the United Nations General Assembly in December 2014.

  •  It was established to address pressing global issues confronting young people, including unemployment and skill deficiencies.

  •  Since its inception, the day has evolved into a significant platform fostering dialogue among youth, educational institutions, and employers.

  •  World Youth Skills Day continues to mark important milestones, playing a vital role in advocating for the empowerment and development of youth worldwide.

Significance of  World Youth Skills Day

  • World Youth Skills Day emphasizes the transformative impact of equipping young people with essential skills beyond workshops and speeches.

  •  Boosts employment opportunities by highlighting the importance of practical skills for career success and job readiness.

  •  Encourages lifelong learning as a continuous journey essential for adapting to evolving societal demands.

  •  Drives economic growth by empowering youth to innovate and enhance productivity, contributing to community and national prosperity.

  •  Fosters social inclusion through skills training, promoting equal opportunities and reducing inequalities.

  •  Prepares youth for future challenges such as technological advancements and climate change, ensuring they are equipped to thrive in a changing world.

Facts of World Youth Skills Day

  •  The global labour market is projected to create around 600 million new jobs over the next 15 years to meet the employment needs of young people.

  •  As of 2022, approximately 73 million young people worldwide are unemployed, showing a slight improvement from the previous year but still six million higher than pre-COVID levels in 2019.

  •  In 2020, the proportion of young people not in employment, education, or training (NEET) rose to 23.3%, marking a 1.5 percentage point increase from the previous year and reaching a level not seen in at least 15 years.

  •  From 2021 to 2030, the global youth population is expected to grow by over 78 million, with low-income countries accounting for about half of this increase, necessitating effective responses from educational and training systems.

  •  Implementing environmentally sustainable policies could potentially create an additional 8.4 million jobs for youth by 2030.

On World Youth Skills Day, let us come together to acknowledge the potential of young individuals as catalysts for peace and pledge to equip them with the skills and opportunities to tackle obstacles and contribute to a harmonious, thriving, and sustainable future.

World Youth Skills Day 2024
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