Mizoram Re-imposes Total Lockdown in Aizawl from July 18

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The Mizoram government has re-imposed a 7-day complete lockdown in Aizawl Municipal Corporation (AMC) area more than two weeks after easing lockdown restrictions as the COVID-19 cases are rising rapidly.

The total lockdown in the AMC area will come into force from July 18 till midnight of July 24, an order issued by the government said.

Movement of people, including casual visit of neighbours or relatives residing in the same building complex, is strictly prohibited during the full lockdown, the order said.

It further stated that the lockdown or any other stringent restrictions may be imposed in other parts of the state by deputy commissioners depending on the Covid-19 situation.

The government had on earlier eased lockdown restrictions in the AMC area and other parts of the state from June 30, which will remain in force till midnight of July 17.

The new order on Friday said that in spite of the prolonged lockdown which had severely affected economic activities and daily life, the trajectory of COVID-19 positive cases continue to rise with the daily average of new cases increasing steadily from 55 in April to 202 in May to 270 in June, and finally to 381 in the first fortnight of July.

With the majority of new cases being reported from the AMC area, the imposition of total lockdown in the area is necessary to curtail further surge as the current trend of Covid-19 transmission is likely to overburden the fragile healthcare infrastructure of the state at a certain point of time, the order said.

The order further said that all places of worship and religious congregation, educational institutions, public parks, picnic spots, private companies, government offices barring a few, gymnasium, among others, will remain closed.

Sports practice, public gathering and public amusement are also strictly prohibited, it said.

Essential services like water and electricity supply, medical service, hospital, dispensaries, pharmacies, vaccination, LPG distribution, filing stations, among others, will either open or function normally.

All shops will be closed in the AMC area except those dealing with essential commodities, which are to be opened as per arrangements made by respective local task forces.

All commercial vehicles will also cease to operate during the complete lockdown.

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