Muslim girl to dance as Lord Krishna in Gohpur Raas

The Adivasi community in the State is gearing up to celebrate Raas Mahotsav for the very first time in Gohpur and the people have left no stone unturned to make the festival a huge success.

Also, breaking the religious barriers, a girl named Anjali Khatun from Muslim community will perform the dances of Lord Krishna during Raas Mahotsav, informed a member of the organizing committee. Anjali Khatun’s active participation has been widely appreciated as she sets an example showing that art forms do not have any boundaries.

“This is the first time I am performing as Lord Krishna in Raas Leela and the fact me being a Muslim is secondary but being an artist is primary,” said Anjali. “The people are supportive here and I am very much excited to perform as Lord Krishna,” the girl further added.

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