7 Dead In Hyderabad Hospital Due To Delay In Oxygen Supply

7 Dead In Hyderabad Hospital Due To Delay In Oxygen Supply
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As many as seven COVID-19 patients, who were on ventilator support due to their critical condition, died at King Koti Hospital here on Sunday.

Relatives of the patients alleged that delay in the oxygen supply is the reason behind these deaths.

The oxygen tanker which was supposed to come to the King Koti Hospital was accidentally diverted to another hospital, the police have confirmed.

Speaking to ANI over the phone, Additional Superintendent of King Koti Hospital, Dr Jalaja said that all the seven patients were in critical condition due to COVID-19 infection and hence they have been put on ventilators.

"All the seven have been in critical health conditions due to the COVID-19 infection and for this, they were put on a ventilator. The deaths have not taken place at one time, but over the day, all the seven have lost their lives," she said.

However, Dr Jalaja denied allegations of oxygen shortage and said that patients died due to critical condition of their health. She claimed that oxygen was available for these patients.

She further added that the oxygen tanker, which was supposed to reach King Koti Hospital in the morning, arrived in the evening.

As COVID-19 cases are surging, several hospitals across the country have been reporting shortages of medical oxygen. (ANI)

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