Amidst Tensions, Indian Army Rescues Chinese Persons

Amidst Tensions, Indian Army Rescues Chinese Persons
Courtesy - ANI

In yet another show of humanity and magnanimity of the Indian Army, the Army reportedly rescued three Chinese persons who had lost their way in North Sikkim on September 3.  

As reported by ANI, the Indian Army not only guided the individuals who got lost in North Sikkim's plateau area at 17,500 ft altitude to their destination, but also provided them with medical assistance, food and warm clothes.

The move is even more remarkable in the backdrop of the sharp rise in tensions between India and China. The latter's expansionist plans along the McMahon line have been a major source of concern for India and its Ministry of Defence.

After the recent 'intrusion' in the Eastern Ladakh area region by Chinese PLA, it has now increased its offensive against India in the border along the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh.

Just today, it was reported that the Chinese PLA abducted 5 youths of the state.    

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