Aslam Sher Khan offers to replace RaGa

Aslam Sher Khan offers to replace RaGa

With Rahul Gandhi expressing willingness to step down as the Congress President, Hockey Olympian and former union minister Aslam Sher Khan has offered to replace RaGa for a period of two years.

News agency ANI quoted Khan saying, "I wrote the letter when Rahul Gandhi offered to leave the post of Congress President and asked someone from outside the Nehru-Gandhi family to take over his role. In the letter, I mentioned that if Rahul (Gandhi) wanted to continue at the post he very well could, but if not, then I would like to assume the responsibility for two years."

It may be noted that the former MP is the first leader to offer to take up the post after Rahul offered to step down after the Congress' devastating defeat at the Lok Sabha elections.

Khan also clarified that the intention behind writing the letter was to ensure a party makeover and that there were no hopes for any personal gains.

"The letter was not written for personal gains. It is because I believe Congress needs a makeover and it needs to be realigned with the nationalist identity. It is because of these reasons that I became ready to assume the responsibilities when the party is going through tough times," said Khan.

Further, the Hockey Olympian stated that Rahul is not to be blamed for the defeat as "he left no stone unturned but the narrative of the Congress simply failed to connect with the people and they again went with Narendra Modi."

"No doubt a change is needed and if someone who is a better candidate than me, can also be given the role," he added.

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