Assam may bring legislation to redo NRC

Assam may bring legislation to redo NRC

With just 10 days to go, Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal indicated on Monday that even as the National Register of Citizens (NRC) would be published on August 31, as mandated by the Supreme Court, the government is looking for a legislative way to redo the NRC as there are huge complaints of Bangladeshi entering NRC.

Mr Sonowal was talking to the reporters after meeting UnionHome Minister Amit Shah in regard of the preparation of the NRC publication.

 "After the NRC finallist is published on August 31, you know that under our democracy we have thatright. You can also raise a question. If it is necessary to take a step in thatdirection, we will discuss it."

He made it abundantly clear that Assam Government is unhappyand already Sangh affiliated organs are keeping up the pressure to discreditthe NRC even as the Supreme Court had closed the option of review.

The comment is an indication of how the state aims to dealwith the NRC aftermath. It is yet to devise a plan for those who could berendered stateless. There are also fears in the BJP-led establishment that manyHindus could be among those excluded.

 "You are aware thatthe Supreme Court has fixed a deadline for publication of the final NRC onAugust 31. When the draft NRC was published earlier, a lot of questions wereraised. But people of Assam maintained peace. We are certain that when thefinal NRC is published, people will again maintain calm. The Home Minister hasassured full support. All our requirement for (security) forces would befulfilled, we have been told," Sonowal said.

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