Balakot Terrorist Camp Active Again to Attack India: Source

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The terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM)'s camp at Balakot is active again after an airstrike last February by India and currently training 27 terrorists, with the plan being to use them to launch terror attacks in India, said Intelligence and Counter-terror operatives.

The camp, targeted by the Indian Air Force (IAF) as a reprisal for the suicide bombing in Pulwama by a Jaish terrorist, and also to prevent further attacks against India, is currently headed by Yusuf Azhar, kin of Maulana Masood Azhar, and is currently providing terror training to 27 extremists for launching attacks against India.

Assaid by the Counterterror operatives, out of the 27, eight are fromPakistan-occupied Kashmir who is being trained by two instructors from Punjab,Pakistan and three from Afghanistan. The operatives also received informationthat the training will be completed within this week after which the terroristswill be ready for insertion into India. At the time when India launched strikesat Balakot, there were no less than 300 terrorists being trained there, asinformed by the operatives.

Thepreparations for the terror offensive come even as around 40 JeM functionariesincluding Abdul Rauf were arrested on January 22, as part of Pakistan'scompliance with the Financial Action Task Force, an inter-governmental agencywhich combats money-laundering and terror financing. Even as Rawalpindi GHQdoes this, the Indian operatives say, it may also launch a full-fledgedinformation campaign to actually project the February 26, 2019, Indian AirForce strike at Balakot as a victory for the Imran Khan regime.

Accordingto them, the aim of such a campaign would be to boost public confidence in thepolitical and military leadership, lift the morale of Kashmiris, counter theIndian narrative on both Balakot and Kashmir, and present India internationallyas a threat to global peace and security.

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