BJP to drop over 1/3rd of MPs in UP

BJP to drop over 1/3rd of MPs in UP

BJP is likely to drop more than one-third of candidates in Uttar Pradesh, with the leadership insistent upon ruthless enforcement of three-fold criteria comprising winnability, performance and image.

Uttar Pradesh's ruling BJP is working  to maintain that senior leaders have discussed at length about every single seat and candidates are being finalized after scrutiny of several rounds based on the feedback the party has received through different channels, including surveys and also the feedback it has received through the Namo App.

PM Narendra Modi had himself sought public feedback posing questions about performance of the MPs and the feedback is coming handy in selection of candidates.

BJP with the favourable public mood has expanded the room for it and is ready to take the risk of dropping candidates who don't measure up to the three-fold criteria.

The Central Election Committee has held deliberations about UP candidates in the presence of CM Yogi Adityanath. All candidates list likely to be announced in a couple of days as the next CEC meet is scheduled for Monday.

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