Body Scanners To be Installed In Major Airports

Representative Image
Representative Image

The Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) has said that allthe major airports in India should make it mandatory to install body scannerswithin a year.

The BCAS also made it clear that in two years, the body scannersat all the major airports across the country should be installed and that it isa compulsory step.

According to reports, the announcement of the BCAS has muchsignificance as the scanning machines currently used in the airports across thecountry cannot detect non-metallic explosives. A full body-scanner is a devicewhich is used to scan the whole body of a person for security screening withoutmaking any physical contact.

The initiative has been taken to increase the security purposein the airports and it will also help to detect items carried in the bodyespecially by smugglers who make use of their bodies to keep costly smuggleditems hidden to avoid normal scanning in the airports.

The body-scanners will now give the cunning smugglers a heat andthey will no more be able to carry smuggled items which are increasing at analarming rate in the country.

The full-body scanners can detect non-metal objects unlike themetal detectors.

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