Centre to Create a Single Agency for Cyber Defence

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India may soon have a single authority or agencyresponsible for the entire spectrum of defensive cyber operations in thecountry, said a senior official in a security agency.

The increasing number of threats to cyber attacks and cyber terrorism has led to this move. The official said that the government's plan is to rearrange and reorganize over a dozen agencies engaged in protecting India's cyberinfrastructure.

Presently, these agencies have individual control and reporting systems. The idea is to restructure these to ensure better coordination and functioning.

Although there are many cyber units of all thedepartments, the government is planning to bring the National Cyber SecurityPolicy 2020 whose primary task is to bring in cohesion. The official informedthat there have been several rounds of discussions at the National SecurityCouncil Secretariat on the issue and a broad framework has already been worked out.

The new policy will emphasize cybersecurity awareness and hygiene. It is likely to suggest a cybersecurity course for schools and colleges' curriculum.

Across the world, the command control of defence cyber operations has been put under a well defined single command and control. For instance, the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) of the United Kingdom is responsible for all things related to protecting cyberinfrastructure.

Similarly, the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore reports to the Prime Minister and is responsible for the complete spectrum of defensive cyber operations. The National Security Agency of the US has complete command and control.

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