COVID-19: One-Third of Delhi’s People Develop Antibodies

COVID-19: One-Third of Delhi’s People Develop Antibodies
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As per the second serological survey or serosurvey in Delhi, around a third or 29.1% of Delhi's population has been reportedly exposed to the COVID-19 virus and has accordingly developed antibodies against it.

This was informed by the officials of the Delhi government today.  

A NDTV report quoted Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain as saying, "29.1 percent prevalence of the virus has been found in the second serosurvey."

Jain further said, "Scientists say that herd immunity is when up to 40 per cent of the population has virus antibodies."

Indicating that the ones who have developed the antibodies are safe for some time, Jain further said, "The antibodies will stay for six to eight months as per scientists."

29.1 % of Delhi's population in simple terms means that around 58 lakh people of the capital city have developed antibodies so far.

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