Shoot at sight in Delhi curfew imposed – 11 dead

Shoot at sight in Delhi curfew imposed – 11 dead

Shoot at sight orders have been issued by Delhi Police late tonight as the death toll has risen to 11 with 70 other gunshot injuries and another 120 other injuries making it as the deadliest communal riot since 1984 in New Delhi.

The police are still not being able to control the communal riot as clashes had been continuing by rival groups with Mosques are under attack. Curfew imposed in four locations; Maujpur Jaffarabad Chandbagh Karawal Nagar.

The violence had completely usurped the US President's second day as the World focussed on the violence revolving around the CAA . However, President Donald Trump refused to get drawn into the controversy.

As some parts of the North-Eastern Delhi has slipped into an outright civil war-like situation with rival gangs taking to the roads outnumbering the police, the actual picture is yet to emerge even the reporting is also very difficult and here are some twitter handle of general public and journalists who are constantly giving a feed from the site.

Rival mobs from different communities armed with sticks were ranged against each other in parts of Bhajanpura. Negligible police presence made the situation worse. Inadequate police presence or policemen refusing to act was also visible at Chand Bagh nearby.

Hooligans and thugs are ruling the roads as the administration is cagey of taking tougher action as US President is being hosted by the President at Rashtrapati Bhawan.

There will be no curfew and army at least till US President fly out of Palam airport at 10.00 p.m. The Union Home Ministry suspect that violence has been coordinated to send a negative picture of India during Mr Trump's visit.

The violence, in fact, pushed the US President to visit the second most important news as world media has lapped it up sending a very negative image of the country.

BJP MP Gautam Gambhir has demanded punishment to Kapil Mishra who was chiefly blamed for inciting violence since yesterday. Meanwhile, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is praying at Rajgraht for peace as North East Delhi has become free for all.

Fresh violence has been reported from northeast Delhi areas such as Karawal Nagar, Maujpur, Bhajanpura, Vijay Park and Yamuna Vihar. While stones were thrown in neighbourhoods such as Maujpur, the fire department has been getting more SOS calls, many of them unattended after three firefighters were been injured yesterday.

A group of people set a fire engine ablaze and threw stones at another. In Maujpur, a group of people travelling in an e-rickshaw were thrashed and looted of their valuables this morning. In Gokulpuri area, a mob set a tyre market on fire last night.

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