Economy showing signs of improvement: PM Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday while interacting with the Chief Ministers of 21 states said India's economy is showing signs of improvement.

The interaction through videoconferencing is being held over a period of two days to discuss the ongoing outbreak of COVID19.

In his deliberation, the PM said, in future India will be remembered for the collectiveness of every stakeholder in fighting the novel coronavirus. It will be an example of cooperative federalism. Health experts across the world will cite India's discipline and perseverance as an example.

The PM added, India's recovery ratenow stands at more than 50%. India is now among those nations where patientstested positive for COVID19 are being cured and surviving.

The PM appealed that the nation has to take care to curb the virus from spreading further. It is the only way the economy will grow. Offices, markets, means of transportation, and various means of livelihood will open.

He also said trade, industries, small scale industries, and value chains, need attention and is hopeful that the respective state governments are already working towards it.

The PM is positive that the recent reforms taken in terms of marketing and distribution of farmers' goods will benefit the farmers and the agriculture industry immensely and there will sustainable growth.

He has advised the citizens to not step out of their homes without taking precautionary measures and have asked people to wear masks specially in outdoors

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