Former Union Minister Jaysingrao Patil Quits BJP

Former Union Minister Jaysingrao Patil Quits BJP

Senior BJP leader and former Union minister Jaysingrao Gaikwad Patil has resigned from the party on Tuesday stating that he was not given chances to properly work for the party.

"I am willing to work for the party, but the party is not giving me chance, hence I took this step," Gaikwad Patil told PTI.

Mr Gaikwad, who lives in Aurangabad, sent his resignation letter to Maharashtra BJP president Chandrakant Patil  and said that he was resigning from the state BJP unit and also from the primary membership of the party.

The veteran leader said he earlier served as a minister at the Centre as well as in Maharashtra.

"I don't want to be a member of Parliament or member of the Legislative Assembly now. I wish to work for strengthening the party and I am asking for such responsibility for a decade. But still, the party didn't give me a chance," he claimed.

"The party doesn't want those who have made efforts to raise the party in the state," he added.

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