GEV memorial merit scholarship 2019 for Law students

GEV memorial merit scholarship 2019 for Law students

In the previous education survey done by the Government of India released under the Economic and Social Survey report of 2018, it has been shown that only a marginal section of Indian students go for legal education in the country. Only 0.93% of Indian students attend law schools for higher education as compared to 23.6% who attend engineering and medical colleges (Source: Educational Statistics at a Glance 2018, MHRD, GoI). With almost 40 million pending court cases in the country, the lack of legal staff is surely an outcome of the low enrollment ratio.

GEV Memorial Merit Scholarship 2019 for Law Students – Program Vision

Students who wish to study laware either not able to complete their education or have to pay hefty fees tostudy at private colleges. In such cases financial assistance to study lawbecomes a necessity for both the students and the nation. GEV Memorial MeritScholarship 2019 for Law Students is an initiative which understands thiscondition and aims at supporting the studies of students in the field of legaleducation.

GEV Memorial Merit Scholarship2019 for Law Students – History and Origin

This scholarship program has beeninitiated to commemorate the achievements of Late Dr. Goolam E. Vahanvati andto realise his dreams of promoting quality legal education in India. Dr. GoolamE. Vahanvati was the 13th Attorney General of India and was key chairin popular cases like Enron, Stock Market Scam and racial discrimination caseof South African cricketers in Australia. The scholarship is funded by the GEVScholarship Fund Trust which will provide not only financial aid but closementorship to students who wish to pursue higher education in law.

GEV Memorial Merit Scholarship2019 for Law Students – Program Structure

GEV Memorial Merit Scholarship2019 for Law Students is designed to assist students in becoming not onlybenefactors but also philanthropists to support education of future GEV law scholars.The scholarship award is provided with an amiable condition that the selectedscholars will contribute towards the training and mentorship of the next batchof GEV Scholars. The scholarship program empowers the scholars with bothfinancial assistance and exposure to the elite legal community of India.

GEV Memorial Merit Scholarship2019 for Law Students – Key Details

Academic Eligibility Criteria

Students who are pursuing lawstudies in the first year of L.L.B./L.L.M. degree courses or are preparing toapply for various entrance examinations like CLAT, LSAT-India, AILET etc. inthe year 2019 are eligible to apply for the GEV Memorial Merit Scholarship 2019for Law Students. Each applicant applying for this scholarship must have scoredat least 60% marks in Class 10 and 12 Board Exams.

Financial Eligibility Criteria

As the scholarship is alsofocusing on the financially underprivileged students, applicants must also havea family income below INR 10,00,000 (10 Lakhs). As the scholarship program isaiming at creating a chain of law scholars with philanthropic ideologies, theapplicants are also required to enroll for a mentorship program that benefits thenext GEV scholars in the coming years.

Scholarship Award Details

GEV Memorial Merit Scholarship2019 for Law Students provides aspiring and enrolled law students withfinancial assistance worth INR 50000 to INR 200000 per scholar per year towardspayment of tuition fees and other academic expenses. Each GEV Law scholar willget exclusive exposure to the elite judiciary communities of India comprisingeminent jurors and solicitors. They will be trained and mentored during theireducation and for their career guidance as well.

Important Dates forapplication

Students can apply for the GEVMemorial Merit Scholarship 2019 for Law Students online by visiting theBuddy4Study official website and submitting their academic and financialidentity documents. The last date to apply for this scholarship program is June30, 2019.

GEV Memorial Merit Scholarship 2019 for Law Students Application Link:

With continued efforts like the GEV Memorial Merit Scholarship 2019 for Law Students, towards the betterment of law education there might come a time when the nation would be free of the legal blockade it faces right now. For more details about the scholarship program, visit the official website of Buddy4Study or GEV Memorial Trust Fund. Good Luck!

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