Gujarat Election Results 2022 Live Updates: BJP Wins by Big Margin of 156 Seats

This year's election will witness a three-way struggle for one of BJP's strongholds as The traditional BJP vs Congress tussle sees the entry of a new player in AAP in Gujarat.
Gujarat Elections 2022 Result Live Updates
Gujarat Elections 2022 Result Live Updates

Gujarat Election Results 2022 Live Updates: BJP Secures 156 Out of 182 Seats

With a large margin, BJP was able to secure 156 out of 182 seats while Congress secured 17 seats followed by AAP securing 5 seats, independent candidates securing 3 seats and Samajwadi Party securing 1 seat.

Gujarat Election Results 2022 live: BJP Wins Bharuch Assembly

After change in candidate, BJP won Bharuch Assembly seat by a big margin.

Gujarat Election Results 2022 live: Bhupendra Patel retains his position as Gujarat’s CM

Bhupendra Patel, the Chief Minister of Gujarat spoke to jubilant BJP supporters in Ahmedabad after the party's election victory. Born in Ahmedabad, Patel is an MLA from the Ghatlodia seat, which was previously held by former CM Anandiben Patel.

Gujarat Election Results 2022 live: Ghatlodia seat won by CM Bhupendra Patel 

With a margin of 1.92 lakh votes, current chief minister Bhupendra Patel has won Ghatlodia seat.

Danilimda Assembly Seat won by Congress

The Congress party had a surprising win at the Danilimda assembly seat despite splitting votes with the AAP.

"BJP wins 42 out of 45 seats"- Election Commision

The results of 45 seats have been announced by the Election Commission, with the BJP looking set to register a bumper victory in Gujarat. The Congress, meanwhile, emerges victorious in the rest of the three seats.

BJP wins 11 seats in Surat

Although the vote count in Limbayat is still ongoing, the BJP candidate has a lead of 50,000 votes in the area and has already won 11 seats in Surat city. Harsh Sanghvi, minister of state for the home, has a lead of 1.16 lakh votes and declares victory.

Khambhat proves lucky for Congress: Gujarat Election Results 2022 live 

BJP candidate MLA Mahesh Raval (Mayur Raval) lost his seat to Congress' new candidate Chirag Patel in Khambhat. The defeat has surely caught him off-guard because the Khambhat Assembly seat had a strong BJP presence.

Gujarat Election Results 2022 live: Congress winning in Vadgam

After 19 rounds, Congress candidate Jignesh Mevani leads in Vadgam with 5,300 votes.

Gujarat Election Results 2022 Live: BJP wins three more assembly seats

  • Borsad

  • Mahudha

  • Sojitra

Winning Party to take oath on Monday: Narendra Modi, Amit Shah will be attending 

BJP Gujarat president CR Patil announces that the winning party will be taking oath on December 12 at Gandhinagar. PM Narendra Modi and Union home minister Amit Shah will be attending the ceremony.

Gujarat Election Results 2022 live: Latest updates on results as recorded on 1:30 PM

  • Isudan Gadhvi (AAP) - 35,785 votes (30.23%)

  • Hardasbhai Bera (BJP)- 48,862 votes (41.28%)

  • Ahir Vikrambhai Arjanbhai Maadam (Congress) - 28,158 votes (23.79%)

Gujarat Election Results 2022 live: Latest updates on results 

As per announcements heard till 1 pm on December 8th 2022, BJP has won three out of four results. BJP has emerged victorious on Petlad, Mahuva, and Dahod. The fourth one, Jamalpur-Khadia, was won by Congress.

BJP leader Bachubhai Kishori wins Dahod Assembly by 29,350 votes

Kanaiyalal Kishori of the Bharatiya Janata Party beat Harshad Ninama of the Congress to win the Dahod Assembly seat in Gujarat, which is reserved for candidates from the Scheduled Tribe. 

Alpesh Thakor leading Gandhinagar South Seat

BJP candidate Alpesh Thakor is leading by 17,000 votes from Gandhinagar South seat.

BJP winning Gujarat Assembly elections since 1995

BJP has continously won Gujarat Elections since 1995. No matter which party competes, BJP always dominates the vote bank.

BJP winning 53 per cent of the votes already-Gujarat Election Results live

So far, BJP is leading the Gujarat Elections 2022. 53% of the total votes have been dominated by BJP. On the other hand, Congress has 27% of the votes, and and AAP has 13% votes.

Gujarat Election Results 2022 live: BJP wins from Dahod

Bachubhai Kishori, a member of the BJP, defeated Harshad Ninama, a member of the Congress, to win the assembly seat of Dahod in the Indian state of Gujarat by a vote margin of 29,350.

Gujarat Election Results 2022 live: Raulji of BJP leading in Godhra

After eight rounds of counting votes in Gujarat's Morbi assembly seat, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate C K Raulji led Congress rival Rashmitaben Chauhan on Thursday. In the highly contentious Godhra Assembly seat, where a train burning 20 years ago sparked one of India's worst post-Partition riots, Raulji led Chauhan by more than 25,000 votes. From 2007 until 2016, Raulji served as a Congress MLA, and from 2017 on, he has served as a BJP legislator, both times representing the Godhra area.

Gujarat Election Results 2022 live: BJP winning in Rajkot South

Rameshbhai Virjibhai Tilala of the BJP has a lead of more than 43,000 votes over Hitesh Maganbhai Vora of the Congress.

Gujarat Election Results 2022 live: BJP dominates tribal belt

The BJP is practically about to take up every seat in the Congress-dominated tribal belt. The Grand Old Party is leading in less than 20 seats, one of its weakest performances to date in the state. Since the 1950s, the tribal belt has been firmly under the control of the Congress, whose traditional support base is found among the state's poor and working class. The BJP has never before made such substantial gains in this region.

Gujarat Election Results 2022 live: EVM machine allegedly tempered 

Congress candidate of Gandhidham allegedly attempts suicide at the counting centre, as signatures were missing in some ATMs. The EVM machines were allegedly not sealed well. Initially he sat on dharma but then attempted suicide after not getting any response.

BJP winning in Mahesana

Patel Mukeshkumar D. from BJP is winning the game against P.K Patel of Congress party by over 3000 votes.

Gujarat Election Results 2022 Live:  Hardik Patel leads by over 21,000 votes

Hardik Patel, the Congress leader who joined the Bharatiya Janata Party in May 2022, is leading the elections in the Vikramgam Constituency against his nearest rival, Lakhabhai Bharwad, by around 21,000 votes.

Gujarat Assembly Election Results: Celebrations Begin For BJP Partyworkers

Celebrations hit off at the BJP office in Gandhinagar with the party leading on 149 of 182 total seats, ECI data showed.

Gujarat Assembly Election Results: Jamnagar Latest Trends

BJP - Rivasinh Hardevsinh Solanki (Rivaba Ravindrasing Jadeja): 20,618 votes

AAP - Karshanbhai Karmur (Ahir Karshanbhai Parbatbhai Karmur): 8,591 votes

Congress - Bipendrasinh Chatursinh Jadeja: 7,047 votes

Gujarat Assembly Election Results: Junagadh Latest Trends

BJP - Sanjay Sukhabhai Koradia: 38,367 votes

Congress - Joshibhai Bhikhabhai Galabhai: 17,877 votes

AAP - Chetankumar Harsukhbhai Gajera: 14,370 votes

Gujarat Assembly Election Results: Maninagar Latest Trends

BJP - Amul Bhatt: 12,658 votes

Congress - C.M. Rajput: 2,693 votes

AAP - Vipulbhai Patel: 1,557 votes

Gujarat Assembly Election Results: Naroda Latest Trends

BJP - Kukrani Payal Manojkumar: 13,484 votes

AAP - Omprakash Darogaprasad Tiwari: 3,565 votes

Congress - Meghraj Dodwani: 579 votes

Gujarat Assembly Election Results: Porbandar Latest Trends

Congress - Arjunbhai Devabhai Modhwala: 31,009 votes

BJP - Bakulbhai Bhimabhai Bokhiriya: 25,007 votes

AAP - Jivan Jungi: 1,465 votes

Gujarat Assembly Election Results: CM Bhupendra Patel heads for a second consecutive victory

Gujarat CM Bhupendra Patel is headed for a second straight win from Ghatlodia constituency, leading with almost 20,000 votes. According to the Election Commission, Patel had polled 23,713 votes, his Congress rival is at 3,840 votes, while his AAP counterpart is running third with 2,168 votes.

Gujarat Assembly Election Results: Congress ahead in Surat East

Congress candidate Aslam Firozbhai Cyclewala is leading with 20,215 votes with BJP's Arvind Shantilal Rana behind on 16,744 votes in the counting so far. No other candidate has reached four figures yet.

Gujarat Assembly Election Results: BJP leading in Anand

BJP's Yogesh R Patel is leading with 21,827 votes with Kantibhai Sodha Parmar (Bhagat) in second with 12,514 votes. In terms of the votes counted so far, the rest of the candidates are far behind.

Gujarat Assembly Election Results: The battle for Morbi

Kantilal Amrutia, BJP's candidate from Morbi is leading with a total of 10,156 votes.

Morbi was the site of the unfortunate bridge collapse accident that claimed over 130 lives. The BJP candidate reportedly saved the lives of several people during the incident in October.

Gujarat Assembly Election Results: AIMIM leading in Bhuj

AIMIM's Shakil Mahamad Sama is leading by 8797 votes followed by BJP's Keshubhai Shivdas Patel - 8277 votes. Congress candidate Arjan Bhudia is sitting in thitd with 6402 votes.

Gujarat Assembly Election Results: Latest Trends

Hardik Patel of BJP is leading in Viramgam assembly constituency; AAP is fortifying second position as the sitting Congress MLA slips to third slot.

Gujarat Assembly Election Results: BJP set for a sweeping victory? 

Latest trends are pointing towards a sweeping victory for the ruling BJP that has not lost the citdel since 1995. Currently, the BJP is ahead in 141 seats while the Congress is ahead in 29 seats.

Gujarat Assembly Election Results: Trends at 9am

Early trends show BJP taking a massive lead over its rivals. While it is up on 100 seats, Congress on the other hand is leading on 40 seats and AAP with 4 seats.