IAF To Purchase ATVs for Rescue Operations

IAF To Purchase ATVs for Rescue Operations

The Indian Air Force (IAF) is planning to purchase All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) after it has faced huge difficulties in locating the crash site of AN-32 aircraft in Arunachal Pradesh.

The IAF is lanning to procure ATV as it can be used to travelover difficult and rough terrains as these are special vehicles equipped withlow pressure tires.

According to reports, demonstrations on the use of ATVs weregiven to an Air Force team at Faridabad and it is said that the Air Force teamwas shown how ATVs are equipped with medical facilities and can be used tocarry out rescue operations.

The Indian Army and Paramilitary Forces are equipped with asufficient number of ATVs.

The ATVs that are used by the security forces are mainlyobtained from Polaris, a leading manufacturer of automotive and defencevehicles.

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