India Deploys Nirbhay As Counter to China

India Deploys Nirbhay As Counter to China

In a major turn of events, India has reportedly deployed homegrown subsonic missile Nirbhay to counter China's missile deployment along the Line of Actual Control, as per a report of India Today.

As reported, Nirbhay is a surface-to-surface missile having a reach of up to 1000 km. Moreover, the missile is capable of low-level stealth strike on targets. In other words, the missile can fly at a height of 100 metres to 4 kms from the ground, and is capable of picking up the target before engaging it.

The report also suggested that the missiles have been deployed in a limited manner as of now.

It should be mentioned here that Nirbhay, that has been in the testing stage for the past 7 years, has been developed by the the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

This is the first instance of deployment of the missile.     

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