Indian Railways Announces ‘Clone Train’ Scheme


The Indian Railways on Tuesday announced a 'clone train' scheme which will ferry passengers with waitlisted tickets to their destination.

While addressing a press conference, Railway Board chairperson VK Yadav said that if there is a demand for a particular train and the waiting list is long, the scheme will allow a clone train to run ahead of the actual train so that passengers can travel.

"Railways will monitor all the trains that are currently in operation to determine which trains have a long waiting list," he added.

Key points of the scheme :-

1. A 'clone' train will be run as an alternative to an actual one and will have its number.

2. Such a train will be operated only if there is a large number of passengers on the waiting list of a particular train.

3. Only waitlisted passengers will be accommodated on a 'clone' train

4. Passengers on the waiting list shall be informed about their berths or seats on a 'clone' train after reservation charts of the actual train is released or four hours before departure.

5. This scheme is similar to the 'Vikalp' scheme under which waitlisted passengers are accommodated in another train on the same route, regardless of booking quota and concession.

6. However, in the case of 'Vikalp' scheme, instead of the original boarding and destination stations, nearby boarding and destination stations may be allotted to the passengers.

Railways is likely to introduce these trains in the next 15 days and will issue a notification in this regard.

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