Madhya Pradesh still alive, counting on after 23 hours

Madhya Pradesh still alive, counting on after 23 hours

Welcome friends! In case you have just woken up and are wondering that by now all results are out, you are mistaken. Sorry. But even after more than 22 hours of counting of votes, the final results for Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh have not been declared. In Madhya Pradesh, as of 7:00 am, counting is still on in 5 seats. The neck and neck fight between the Congress and the BJP continued throughout the night. Just like Tuesday, the entire night it wasn't clear who will form the next government in Madhya Pradesh. Forget about forming government, more than 22 hours on, we still have no clear picture which party will emerge as the single-largest party in the Madhya Pradesh.

The Madhya Pradesh assembly election result has taken the meaning of 'fight to the livewire' to altogether a new level. In elections held in the past one decade, there was no instance where counting of votes went on for more than 22 hours. To add, even the overall picture isn't clear.

In case you slept early last night, you may like to know that Congress wrote a letter to Governor Anandiben Patel and sought an appointment to seek chance to form government. This was at a time when results of many seats were still trickling in. The Governor rejected the request and asked Congress to wait till the Election Commission announces the complete result.

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