Manipur Awarded Most Improved Small State By India Today Group

Manipur Awarded Most Improved Small State By India Today Group

Manipur was awarded the most improved state in the small states category at the India Today State of States Conclave 2021. Manipur has now won the title for two straight years.

The northeastern state of Manipur since 2018 has improved in seven of the 12 categories including economy, infrastructure, agriculture, health, governance, entrepreneurship, and cleanliness, stated the report.

Chief Minister N Biren Singh on Sunday thanked the India Today Group for the recognition via a message on Facebook.

It read, "I'm thankful to India Today Group for recognising the growth story of Manipur over the last few years. With immense support from the people of this state, we have been able to achieve great connect with the people of the state and achieve great progress on various fronts".

CM Singh, speaking at the awards ceremony said that nothing could be more fulfilling than the recognition as the most improved small state, as his government was nearing five years in office.

He said, "Such recognition showcased my government's commitment towards the people of Manipur at a national level. For the last five years, I have been working relentlessly for overall development in the state across all the areas but the primary prerequisite is the development in peace".

Manipur was gripped with insurgency and economic blockade and there was no political will to solve the issues prior to his government coming in power, stated Singh.

He added that his government took all possible measures to end the bloodshed in the state, resulting in a marked drop in terror-related incidents from 700 in 2014 to 113 in 2020. The death toll in the last two years had not crossed double figures, he further mentioned.

Saying that focus will now be on agriculture, health, and education and creating a self-sufficient economy, CM Singh said, "My government has worked hard to create an agri-driven economy in Manipur and it is heartening to see that our efforts have reflected in Manipur emerging as the most improved state in agriculture".

Lastly, he said, "I believe the ultimate parameters of our governance is the satisfaction level of the citizen. And Manipur has been awarded the best-performing state in governance is a testimony that our government has been moving in the right direction".

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