Mann Ki Baat: PM Speaks About Water Crisis

Mann Ki Baat: PM Speaks About Water Crisis

PrimeMinister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that he always had faith in the people ofIndia while addressing his first 'Mann Ki Baat' of his second consecutive term.

Modi saidduring his address, "When I had said in February that I will meet you again ina few months, people said I am over confident. However, I always had faith inthe people of India."

During hismonthly radio address, Modi focused a large portion on the issue of watercrisis, asking citizens to find ways to save water.

Saying thatmany people have written about water related issues over the last few months,he is happy to see greater awareness on water conservation. Receiving theletters of the people, Modi wrote a letter to the Gram Pradhans on the importanceof water conservation and how to take steps to create awareness on the subjectacross rural India.

During hisaddress on the radio, the Prime Minister requested three things, "Appeal to allIndians, including eminent people from all walks of life to create awareness onwater conservation. Share knowledge of traditional methods of waterconservation."

He alsoappealed to the people that if anyone knows about any individuals or NGOsworking on water, do share about them.

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