More Than 1K Held in ‘Operation Thirst’

More Than 1K Held in ‘Operation Thirst’

In a recent operation, 1,371 individuals were arrested by Railway Protection Force (RPF) held in connection with the sale of unauthorized drinking water after it received numerous complaints in this regard.

Reports stated that customers and passengers weresold filthy drinking water in bottles made of counterfeit brands. Water waseven sold in discarded water bottles in some places and the vendors used tosell drinking water by refilling these used plastic bottles.

A major operation was launched by the Railwayscalled 'Operation Thirst' in order to put an end to this illicit sale ofdrinking water. The RPF also carried raids at major stations from every zoneunder the operation and caught the accused red-handed. 1,371 culprits werearrested so far with the number of water bottles seized exceeding 69,000.

Fines have also been imposed by the authorities ofRs.6,80,855 in case of any violation.

DG RPF, Arun Kumar, however, said that thisunauthorized sale of drinking water was going on in a syndicated manner inwhich the railway pantry manager and the owner of the shop or stall which weresituated on the platform of the railway station.

During the course of the raid, the RPF also foundthat a lot of stalls have been selling drinking water of packed bottles ofcounterfeit brands.

It has been said by the officials that water bottlesof only 'Rail Neer' can only be sold on railway platforms and inside the trainsand if the particular brand is not available then one can sell water frombrands which are authorized by the zone.

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