NDA To Elect Next Bihar CM On Nov 15: Nitish Kumar

NDA To Elect Next Bihar CM On Nov 15: Nitish Kumar

Janata Dal United (JDU) leader Nitish Kumar on Friday said that the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) will be having a meeting on Nov 15 (Sunday) and decide who will be the next Chief Minister of Bihar.

"The legislature party meeting will happen on Sunday, November 15 at 12.30 PM. Things will be discussed in detail and all decisions will be taken at that time. What is decided will be informed to you all after that meeting," Mr Kumar said as reported by NDTV.

Nitish Kumar's JDU managed to win only 43 seats, conceding the senior partner status in favour of the BJP, which won 74. The NDA combined won 125 seats, which is three more than the majority mark in the 243-strong Bihar assembly.

The RJD on the other hand emerged as the single-largest party with 75 seats. The opposition alliance won 110 seats.

The NDA had announced Nitish Kumar as its chief ministerial candidate before the assembly election. On Thursday, Kumar said that the decision on who will be the next CM of Bihar will be taken by the alliance, which indicates that the matter is still be discussed despite assurances from BJP that he would retain the post.

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