Opposition launch attack on EVM


The opposition has launched a fresh and united attack over the EVMs pointing out that several nations have gone back to ballot paper in view of the shortcomings of EVMS.

The 20-plus parties — which met in Delhi days after the first phase of the national elections — said they wanted 50 per cent EVMs be verified against Voter Verified Paper Trail machines.

"We are raising doubts about the EVMs. The confidence of the voter can only be restored through paper trail machines," Chandrababu Naidu, a key interlocutor of the opposition, told the media.

"Even advanced countries like Germany – they have gone for EVMs – used between 2005-09, and again they have gone for the paper ballot. The Netherlands in 1990-2007, and again they have changed for the paper ballot. Ireland – between 2002 and 04, and then they have gone for the paper ballot. they made it clear why they have gone back to the paper ballot," he added.

Amid widespread complaints from the state on EVM malfunction, Mr Naidu had called the election "a big confusion, big mess, big farce" and demanded re-election on 150 seats.

In the Andhra Pradesh alone 4583 EVMs malfunctioned raising serious doubt about the EVMS..

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