PM leads Yoga Day from Ranchi

PM leads Yoga Day from Ranchi

Today is being celebrated as the fifth International Yoga Day. Leading the nation on this day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is present at the Prabhat Tara ground in Jharkhand's Ranchi.

Addressing the Yoga enthusiasts, the PM emphasised on the need to integrate yoga with health schemes.

Modi also stated that in his bygone tenure, the Government has integrated yoga with health and wellness to make it a pillar of preventive health care.

The PM opinionated that today when the times are changing, the focus must be on wellness as well as protection from illness.

Modi stressing on the need to take modern yoga to the Rural and Tribal land said, yoga can make the poor come out of diseases and poverty.  He said that yoga provides a perfect blend of knowledge, work and devotion.

In the national capital, the main event was organised at Rajpath. Speaking on the occasion, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said that yoga spreads the message of humanity and it can not be linked with any religion. He said, yoga is integrating the world and it has now become the lifestyle of people. 

The day is simultaneously being celebrated across the globe such as in Nepal, UAE and Dhaka.

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