Rahul Gandhi calls CAA ‘notebandi no 2’

Rahul Gandhi calls CAA ‘notebandi no 2’

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday termed the issue of Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), National Population Register (NPR) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC) as 'Notebandi no. 2' and said they will be more disastrous than the demonetisation in November 2016.

The basic idea of these exercises is to ask all poor peoplewhether they are Indian or not, he told reporters on the sidelines of theflag-hoisting ceremony at the AICC headquarters on the occasion of 135thfoundation day of the party.

"This whole tamasha that isgoing on is notebandi no. 2. This will be more disastrous for people thandemonetisation. This will have twice the impact of demonetisation," hesaid, hitting out at the government over the issues of the amended CitizenshipAct, NPR and NRC.

"His (Prime Minister Narendra Modi) 15 friends will not haveto show any document and the money generated will go into the pockets of those15 people," he said.

Likening the NPR and the NRC to demonetisation, Rahul Gandhi onFriday had said in Chhattisgarh that these exercises are "tax" on thepoor, who will suffer the same way they did after the note ban in November2016.

"Whether NPR or NRC, it is a tax on poor people of the country. You understand demonetisation. It was a tax on poor people. Go to banks and give your money but do not withdraw money from your account. Entire money went to the pocket of 15-20 rich people. This (NPR or NRC) is the same thing," Rahul Gandhi said.

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