Rahul Gandhi Launches Recruitment Drive To Fight Against “Hate”

Rahul Gandhi Launches Recruitment Drive To Fight Against “Hate”

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday launched a recruitment drive on social media, urging the youth of the country to join his party's "army of truth" and take on "paid trolls" on online platforms who have been spreading hatred in the country.

"The backbone of the attack on this nation is a troll army, thousands of people who spread hatred, anger and are paid to do so," the Congress leaders said in a video message on Twitter.

He urged the youth to step up in the "fight against hate".

"We also need warriors to defend liberal values, to defend the ideas of compassion, peace, harmony and affection," he said.

Gandhi's tweet also included a helpline number and dedicated social media pages for those who would like to join the Congress's IT cell.

 "This army is not one of hatred, not an army of violence. This is an army of truth. We are building this platform for you, to give you the tools to fight this battle and win," he further said.

Last year, Congress had launched a #SpeakUpForFarmers campaign to garner support for the protesting farmers.

"When farmers raise their voice, it resonates across the country," he said.

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