Ramdev Moves to SC Seeking Stay on FIRs Against Him

Ramdev Moves to SC Seeking Stay on FIRs Against Him

Yoga guru Ramdev has moved the Supreme Court, seeking a stay on nationwide FIRs against him for his remarks against allopathy, said reports.

Last month when Ramdev questioned the efficacy of allopathic drugs against coronavirus, a huge controversy started.

In a viral video, Ramdev was heard saying, "Lakhs of people have died because of allopathic medicines, far more than those who died because they did not get treatment or oxygen."

Moreover, he also called allopathic medicine stupid, who protested against him.

After this, the outrage led to Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare Dr Harsh Vardhan.

According to reports, Dr Vardhan wrote a letter to the yoga guru, saying words were not only insulting to scores of Covid warriors, but were hurtful to the citizens too.

Dr Vardhan wrote, "Your words have hurt and insulted the Covid warriors who have been at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic and are risking their own lives to save others. At a time when modern medicine has saved numerous lives, what you said is especially unfortunate."

"Thousands are going home after recovering from Covid-19. If today India's death rate is 1.13 per cent and recovery rate over 88 per cent the credit goes to allopathy and its doctors. I hope you will take your offensive and unfortunate statement back," Dr Vardhan added in his letter.

Soon the Yoga guru reacted to the letter and said, "I have been misquoted. My statement has been taken out of context. I was reading a few WhatsApp messages based on which I was quoted. Nevertheless, if my remarks have hurt anyone, I apologise."

If one highlights errors in a particular method of treatment, it shouldn't be considered as an attack, rather as a constructive criticism, said Ramdev.

However, the yoga guru also stated that allopathy doctors have termed Indian medical science as "quackery and pseudoscience" several times in the past.

Patanjali Yogpeeth Trust denied the statement made by Ramdev in the viral video.

They said, "Swami jee has no ill-will against the modern science and good practitioners of modern medicine. What is being attributed against him is false and nugatory."

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