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Controversial Assam MLA Shiladitya Dev has made into the Time magazine, a complete rarity for Assam politician making him envy of senior party membes.

Shiladitya Dev must be jumping with joy as his hate post was found mention in the Time magazine article very prominently in the second para itself. Not only it was mentioned but the Time Magazine actually wrote to Facebook with that post and FB actually replied it back expressing regret but in the process opening a whole different Pandora box.

The Time Magaizne wrote how Shiladitya hat post against Muslim was allowed to be there in the Facebook for more than a year by the Facebook management team, which drew sharp focus back on the Facebook's policy towards BJP leader's anti Muslim hate posts..

In fact the  Congress Writes To Mark Zuckerberg as The Time Alleges Facebook-BJP Link. The Congress letter to Facebook refers to an article by TIME magazine, which party MP Rahul Gandhi tweeted today claiming it "exposes (the) WhatsApp-BJP nexus"

"We urge you to let us know what steps your company is planning to take to investigate these matters… will also be pursuing legislative and judicial actions in India to ensure a foreign company cannot continue to cause social disharmony in our nation for pursuit of private profits," the letter said.

Declaring the party was "compelled to write again…because of further revelations made public in another article by another reputed and credible American media publication," Congress General Secretary KC Venugopal alleged a "quid-pro-quo relationship" between Facebook India and the ruling BJP.

Referring to the article by TIME magazine, which party MP Rahul Gandhi tweeted today, claiming it "exposes (the) WhatsApp-BJP nexus", the Congress claimed the BJP had been "allowed to exercise control of WhatsApp India operations in return for a possible license for its payment operations".

The controversial BJP MLA Shiladitya Dev will be happy to be part of this super high end political turmoil just before the 2021 Assembly election as his political future has been in uncertain zone for his continuous controversial action.

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