Situation In Assam-Mizoram Border Heats Up Once Again

Situation In Assam-Mizoram Border Heats Up Once Again

Situation at Assam-Mizoram border heated up once again on Saturday.

Heated situation occurred in Lailapur of Cachar where many vechile were vandalized by the local people.

According to sources, local people of the border area in Lailapur have damaged vehicles that were on the way to Mizoram on Saturday.

The people have also reportedly pelted stones at these vehicles today.

The incident had taken place amid the meeting of Minister Ashok Singal and Parimal Suklabaidya over the border clash on Saturday.

The two ministers were holding a meeting with the local people trying to resolve the border clash for good of the two states.

The ministers had reportedly visited the locals of border area to discuss about the economic blockade.

Meanwhile, the Cachar SP is present in Lailapur to control the situation.

Earlier, the border clash between Assam and Mizoram that took a very violent turn overnight was also reported in the same place, Lailapur.

 The clash took lives of 6 Assam police personnel including a civilian from Assam and leaving many injured.

However, both the Chief Ministers of Assam and Mizoram earlier said that they have resolved the matter and is closely monitoring the border areas for no further clash between the two states.

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