Jaipur Listed As World Heritage Site

Jaipur Listed As World Heritage Site

Jaipur,which is also known as the Pink City for its iconic architectural legacy andvibrant culture has been declared UNESCO World Heritage Site on Saturday.

In a tweet on Saturday, UNESCO said, "Just inscribed as UNESCO #WorldHeritageSite: Jaipur City in Rajasthan, #India Bravo." UNESCO made its announcement after the 43rd session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee examined the nomination of the walled city of Jaipur for inclusion in the world heritage site list.

On announcementof the pink city as the world heritage site, PM Narendra Modi expressedhappiness that the city has been recognized as a World Heritage Site. Modi in atweet said, "Jaipur is a city associated with culture and valour. Elegant andenergetic, Jaipur's hospitality draws people from all over. Glad that this cityhas been inscribed as a World Heritage Site by @UNESCO."

However, thecity was proposed to be nominated for its value of being an exemplarydevelopment in town planning and architecture that demonstrates an amalgamationand important exchange of ideas in the late medieval period.

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