‘Vande Mataram’ Haters Don’t Have Right To Live In India : Sarangi

‘Vande Mataram’ Haters Don’t Have Right To Live In India : Sarangi

Few words by the Union Minister Pratap Sarangi in the Lok Sabha that has racked up a massive controversy in the lower house of the parliament as well as in the country.

"Kaun inko support karta hai, introspect karo. Jinko humara priya pawan bhoomi se pyaar nahi, jinko Bharat ki azaadi aur akhandata sweekar nahi, jinko Bharat ki Vande Mataram sweekar nahi, kya unko Bharat mai rehne ka adhikar hai"

Pratap Sarangi

Sarangi who is hailed as Odisha's Modi comes from a humble background and gained a reputation in the BJP ranks by his model of campaigning on bicycles in the recently concluded general elections of 2019. 

The MP from Balasore, Odisha who has entered the parliament for his first term as a Member of parliament had initiated the debate from the ruling side in the motion of thanks to the President's address to the nation. He attracted big desk-thumping from the BJP lawmakers, who were present in a massive majority in the house. Pratap sarangi took on all the issues raised by the Opposition parties including hyper-nationalism.

Pratap sarangi has made it clear today that the issue of nationalism and National security are here to stay for the BJP in the house and these issues will be raised time and again to question the opposition's stand on the agendas pertaining to national values in the ruling BJP'S eyes.

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