West Bengal: TMC Accused Of Arson

West Bengal: TMC Accused Of Arson

BJP Lok Sabha Member Arjun Singh from Barrackpore constituency of West Bengal, alleged on Friday that bombs were hurled at his house as well as an adjacent temple the previous night.

Singh on Friday released a video on social media showing two bombs going off near his home and top of a roadside temple, emitting a lot of smoke.

"The temple was not damaged and nobody was injured. The goons are backed by Trinamool Congress (TMC)," said Singh.

According to Hindustan Times, an officer of the local police station said they are looking into the allegation that Singh has made.

The incident took place two days after the West Bengal police registered a case against Singh for his communally provocative tweet.

Singh, 54, tweeted on September 1 alleging that an arson incident has led to the destruction of an idol at a temple in another district in Bengal.

The police however released a letter by the priest and caretaker of the shrine which stated that that idol caught fire accidently from an oil lamp and there was no communal violence angle as alleged by Singh.

"Legal action is being taken. Please don't get carried away by misleading, provocative and mischievous post," the West Bengal police tweeted while attaching screenshot of Singh's post.

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