World media hails Chandrayaan-2 success launch

World media hails Chandrayaan-2 success launch

With the launch of India's second moon mission Chandrayaan-2, media world wide hailed its success.

The Washington Post stated "India's low-cost, homegrown technology that has powered its space program is a source of national pride and inspiration."

The New York Times scribed, " If Chandrayaan-2 is successful, India will become the fourth nation — after the United States, Russia and China — to land on the moon. Scientists and defense experts everywhere are watching to see whether the Indians can pull it off."

Meanwhile, CNN said that this mission of India is significant as the country aspires to become a major space player and put Indian astronauts in space by 2022.

Similarly, The Guardian, The Times newspaper of London, BBC, China's state-run Xinhua and Pakistan's leading newspapers hailed India's feat.

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