8 Stunning Mizo traditional dresses of Mizoram

8 Stunning Mizo traditional dresses of Mizoram
8 Stunning Mizo traditional dresses of Mizoram

The northeastern region of India is a place of great diversity, encompassing a multitude of landscapes, attractions, languages, and cultures. Mizoram, in particular, is a state that never fails to captivate its visitors with its various cultural wonders. With numerous tribes residing in the state, the traditional dresses of Mizoram come in a wide range of styles, some of which are not commonly known to the world due to their association with less popular communities. In this article, we explore 8 elegant Mizo traditional dresses, which may bear some resemblance to the traditional dresses of Nagaland or Tripura.

List of traditional dresses of Mizoram 


Puan is a traditional Mizo dress that has gained significant popularity and relevance. It is a vibrant attire that is donned by Mizo women during cultural or traditional events and is considered to be flawlessly beautiful. The art of wearing Mizoram dresses is a matter of great importance to the locals, and Puan is no exception. With intricate designs and a great fit, the dress is typically crafted in black and white hues and exquisitely adorns the wearer on various occasions.


While some traditional Mizo dresses are worn on a daily basis, others are reserved for festivals and cultural events, and Puanchei is one such attire. This colorful gown-type dress features striking patterns on both the bottom and top. The kurta-like torso is usually solid black, while the skirt bursts with vivid hues. Puanchei is an indispensable component of Mizo festivals and is considered to be a symbol of celebration. Some people believe that different Puanchei are worn by girls of different ages, but this claim lacks supporting evidence.


Another element of Mizo attire that is commonly worn by girls and women during special events is the Kawrechi, a colorful handmade blouse made of cotton. Often used for dance performances or festivals, this traditional blouse is an essential part of Mizo cultural heritage. This attire is now made of a variety of materials, but it was originally made of cotton fabric. The blouse is stunning and has a wide range of design, style, and color combinations.

Mizo Tribe Attire

Mizoram is a melting pot of various tribes, each with their own unique traditions and culture, including versatile attire lists. The Zakuolaisen is a striking traditional attire of the Mizo Tribe, once rulers of the state. This attire is exclusively worn by unmarried girls of the tribe and features a gorgeous crimson blouse with attractive stripes to enhance its beauty. You will often spot young women donning this attire during community gatherings, fairs, festivals, or any joyous occasion, as it is a symbolic representation of their single status.

Lusei Tribe Dresses

Another tribe with a distinctive dressing style is the Lusei tribe, whose fascinating dresses never fail to capture people's attention. Among their many striking ensembles, the blue skirt stitched with various fabrics stands out as one of the most impressive. This skirt, typically worn with a white jacket, has a captivating hue of blue that compliments a white or contrasting cloth wrapped around the body, creating a chic and stylish look. When this attire was first introduced, people from all corners of the country were awed by its unique style and elegance.


Mizoram is a land of diversified accessories that showcase their tribal origins. It is intriguing to know that the majority of the population in Mizoram are still fascinated and inclined towards their tribal accessories. The state has the highest concentration of tribal people in the country, which is evident from their unique and fascinating accessories like animal skulls for headgears, animal and bird's claws for necklaces, and even teeth for adornments.

Pawl Kut dresses

Pawl Kut is an important and traditional festival of Mizoram that has a dress named after it. The dress is exclusively worn during this festival and it is worth witnessing the dress in action during the festival time. This black dress has a top that covers the upper part of the body and a gown or skirt-like dress that covers the lower part. It is beautifully embroidered with red-colored designs, but there are many variations of this dress as well.

Chapchar Kut attire

Mizoram's other attire that is linked with the Chapchar Kut festival is fascinating to witness. The men and women wear a gown-like attire that has a solid white color, but the headgear is made of sticks and feathers, making it unique and distinctive. The dress also has stunning red and black work that adds to its beauty.

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