State Symbols of Meghalaya

State Symbols of Meghalaya

Meghalaya is a hilly area in northeast India. The capital of the state is Shillong. Because of its climate, the state was referred to as "East Scotland" during British rule. Prior to January 21, 1972, Meghalaya was a part of Assam. However, the Garo, Khasi, and Jaintia hills were combined to create a new state.

Seventy percent of Meghalaya is covered in trees due to the state's predominance of subtropical forests. Additionally, unlike the lowland tropical forests found in the north and south, the forest in the mountains is different. The variety of mammals, birds, and plants found in Meghalaya's forests is remarkable. As a result, the state is represented by some exotic animals and birds, such as the clouded leopard and the hill myna. Here are the state symbols of Meghalaya.

State Bird – Hill Myna

The Meghalayan state bird, the hill myna, is frequently seen flying in small flocks or pairs among tall trees. The bird is renowned for having a wide variety of calls because it is capable of producing countless screams, squeaks, chirps, and whistles. The popularity of these unusual birds in the cage bird trade, however, poses a threat to them because of their exceptional capacity for sound imitation. 

State flower- Lady Slipper Orchid

Lady slipper orchids are magnificent ornamental flowers that easily add beauty to any setting. However, they are more than just lovely flowers. Paphiopedilum insigne is the scientific name for the plant. The Latin word for "badge of honor" (from which we get our word "insignia") is insignia. Cypripedium refers to the Roman goddess Venus, the personification of love, beauty, and desire, and thus serves as a fitting name for the genus. 

State Animal- Clouded Leopard

Neofelis nebulosa is the scientific name for the clouded leopard. The animal's captivating spots give it a cloudy appearance, hence the name; this helps it blend in with its surroundings, making it a master at camouflage. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has placed this species on its list of endangered and critically endangered animals. To encourage more study and strengthen conservation efforts, India added the clouded leopard to its Endangered Species Recovery Program in 2018. Efforts have been made by the government of Meghalaya to safeguard clouded leopard habitats and captive breeding programs.

State Tree- Gamhar

The Gamhar is a type of deciduous tree that goes by a few different names. Its scientific name is Gmelina arborea, and it can grow to a staggering 1500 meters in length. The entire tree, from roots to stem to bark to fruits to leaves and flowers, is used for medicinal purposes in India. Every classic Ayurvedic text makes reference to it.

State Symbols of Meghalaya
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