10 Most famous Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks In Mizoram

10 Most famous Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks In Mizoram

Mizoram is home to several hills, valleys, forests, and waterfalls that make it a perfect destination for nature lovers. The hilly terrain and dense forests of Mizoram offer a unique experience to adventure enthusiasts and trekkers. It has a rich diversity of flora and fauna, with several species of orchids, bamboo, and rhododendrons. The Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary, located in the western part of the state, is a must-visit for wildlife enthusiasts. The sanctuary is home to several species of animals, including the hoolock gibbon, clouded leopard, and Indian bison. The state is also known for its picturesque waterfalls, such as the Vantawng Falls, located near Thenzawl town. The falls are one of the highest in the country, with a height of 750 feet, and are a popular destination for tourists. Overall, Mizoram's natural beauty is a sight to behold and should be on every traveler's bucket list. In this article, we have mentioned the 10 most famous wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in Mizoram. 

Phawngpui Blue Mountain National Park

The Phawngpui Blue Mountain National Park, established in 1992 and covering around 50 square kilometers, is located in the Lawngtlai district, approximately 300 km from Aizawl towards the southeast of Mizoram. At an elevation of about 7000 ft, the park is home to the highest mountain peak in the state, Phawngpui, which appears blue from a distance due to a thin layer of clouds. The park also boasts of orchids, rhododendrons, and bamboos, as well as animals such as slow loris, leopard cat, goral, and capped langur, and birds like sunbirds, falcons, and dark-rumped swift. Only eco-friendly visits are allowed during the dry season, and villages surround the park on all sides.

Murlen National Park

Murlen National Park, designated as a national park in 1991, spans about 100 square kilometers in the Champhai district. The park is surrounded by six caves that have been filled by locals, and areas around the park include Lamsial Puk, Hnahlan, Zokhawthar, Tan Tlangis, and Zokhawthar. The park's dense forest allows hardly any sunlight to penetrate, similar to the Amazon region of South America. The tropical, semi-evergreen, sub montane forests and scrub jungles in the park house flora like Quercus, Pinus Kesiya, and chimonobambusa callosa, mammals like leopard, sambar, tiger, wild boar, and hoolock gibbon, and birds such as hill myna, peacocks, pheasant, sunbirds, and hornbills. The state government protects the area.

Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary 

Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary is a celebrated animal reserve in Mizoram that boasts a diverse range of fauna. Established in 1985, this sanctuary is home to a variety of wild animals, such as Indian leopards, sloths, barking deer, and Hoolock gibbons. One can also witness a plethora of majestic bird species, including the great hornbill, oriented pied hornbill, grey peacock, and Indian cuckoo. Although the number of Bengal tigers has decreased over the years, visitors can still marvel at the stunning wildlife this sanctuary has to offer.

Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary 

Nestled in the Chmaphi district, Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected wildlife reserve that primarily serves as a conservation area for some of the most stunning birds in Mizoram. Established in 1999, this sanctuary is surrounded by alpine forests and the second highest peak in Mizoram. Visitors can observe rare bird species, such as the dark-rumped swift, grey sibia, white-naped yuhina, and grey peacock. The government of India is dedicated to preserving this sanctuary, making it an ideal destination for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts.

Ngengpui Wildlife Sanctuary 

Ngengpui Wildlife Sanctuary is a top wildlife reserve in Mizoram, known for its rare and endangered species of animals and birds. The sanctuary is closely monitored by both the Mizoram and Indian governments for its ecological significance. Visitors can witness a variety of animals, including elephants, Indian bison, tigers, leopards, and clouded leopards. The sanctuary also boasts a wide range of bird species, such as Bhutan peacock-pheasants, White-cheeked partridges, and Great Indian hornbills. The serene natural habitat of Ngengpui Wildlife Sanctuary is a must-visit for anyone interested in the beauty and diversity of wildlife.

Pualreng Wildlife Sanctuary

For nature enthusiasts seeking the perfect destination to observe wild animals in their natural habitat, Pualreng Wildlife Sanctuary is a must-visit. This sanctuary, situated 115 km from Aizawl, offers an extensive range of animal and bird species, and is also the highest peak in Mizoram at 750m. Among the animals that can be spotted here are Hoolock gibbon, Slow lorises, Common Langur, Rhesus macaque, Himalayan black bear, Leopard, Sambar, Barking Deer, Binturong, Chinese pangolin, and more, each of which has its own local name given by the inhabitants. Additionally, visitors can also witness an array of bird species, including the Great Indian hornbill, Wreathed Hornbill, Pied Hornbill, Khaleej Pheasant, Bhutan peacock pheasant, Red jungle fowl, White-cheeked partridge, and more.

Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary

For those who appreciate natural beauty and wildlife, Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary is the perfect place to visit. This sanctuary, considered the first in Mizoram, is one of the oldest wildlife sanctuaries in the state and is situated 101 km from Aizawl. It boasts an abundant variety of animals and birds amidst lush vegetation. Wildlife enthusiasts can spot several animals such as Tiger, Leopard, Golden cat, Leopard cat, Jungle cat, Himalayan black bear, Malayan sun bear, Jackal, Yellow-throated marten, Hoolock gibbon, Common langur, Assamese macaque, Slow lorises, and more. Similarly, bird enthusiasts can witness species such as the Great Indian hornbill, Wreathed Hornbill, Pied Hornbill, Bhutan peacock pheasant, and more. The sanctuary is a beautiful amalgamation of nature and wildlife, perfect for those who cherish such experiences.

Thorangtlang Wildlife Sanctuary

Thorangtlang Wildlife Sanctuary is a major wildlife sanctuary in Mizoram that attracts tourists from all over the world, particularly due to the migration of wild elephants from Bangladesh. Visitors can experience a diverse range of wild animals and birds in close proximity. The sanctuary features a broad range of bird species such as the Great Indian hornbill, Wreathed Hornbill, Pied Hornbill, Khaleej Pheasant, Bhutan peacock pheasant, Red jungle fowl, Imperial pigeon, and more, while the wildlife includes Tiger, Leopard, Indian bison, Sambar, Barking deer, Wild boar, Hoolock gibbon, Rhesus macaque, Leaf Monkey, and more. This destination is a popular choice for tourists who enjoy watching wildlife in its natural habitat.

Saza Wildlife Sanctuary 

Saza Wildlife Sanctuary in Mizoram's western district is a delightful destination for nature enthusiasts and animal lovers. The sanctuary sprawls over 15 sq. Km and offers a chance to observe animals like deer, rhesus monkey, and leopard in their natural habitat. The sanctuary is also home to rare bird species, making it a bird watcher's paradise. Whether traveling solo or with family, Saza Wildlife Sanctuary is the perfect place to relax and soak up the beauty of nature.

Sinemon Wildlife Sanctuary 

Sinemon Wildlife Sanctuary, located in the southernmost part of Mizoram's Lawngtlai district, is a treat for wildlife lovers. Covering an area of approximately 143 sq. km, it is home to a wide variety of animals such as wild boar, slow loris, leopard, tiger, barking deer, elephant, and sambar. The sanctuary's diverse flora and fauna make it a paradise for wildlife photographers. Visitors can also spot numerous tropical bird species, so don't forget to bring binoculars.

Lohawka Wildlife Sanctuary 

Lohawka Wildlife Sanctuary, situated in the Chhimtuipui district, is a popular tourist destination located about 400 km from Aizawl and 85 km from Lawngtlai. The sanctuary is surrounded by semi-evergreen trees, covering the entire area, and is home to a variety of flora and fauna, including medicinal plants, Sambar, Slow Ioris, Barking Deer, Leopard, Rhesus Macaque, and numerous bird species. Visitors can stay in one of the many lodges or guesthouses located within the sanctuary to explore the area fully.

Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary 

Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary is a must-visit destination in Mizoram, situated about 170 km from Aizawl. Covering an area of 35 sq. km, the sanctuary is home to a wide range of wild creatures, including tigers, binturongs, sambar, barking deer, Himalayan black bear, and serow. Visitors can also spot many bird species, such as the Hornbill, White cheeked partridge and Mountain Bamboo partridge. The sanctuary offers plenty of hotel options in Lunglei for those who wish to stay overnight.

10 Most famous Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks In Mizoram
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