Mizoram: Ngopa Village Wins National Panchayat Award

The Union Ministry of Panchayati Raj announced the award on Friday.
                                                                         Mizoram: Ngopa Village Wins National Panchayat Award
Mizoram: Ngopa Village Wins National Panchayat AwardRepresentative

The remote village of Ngopa in the Saitual district of Mizoram has won the prestigious National Panchayat Award, becoming the first village in the state to receive this honor.

The Union Ministry of Panchayati Raj announced the award on Friday, with Ngopa ranking second in the Nanaji Deshmukh Sarvottam Panchayat Satat Vikar Puraskar (NDSPSVP) category, after Karnataka's Mullusoge.

Ngopa was recognized for its outstanding performance across nine different themes, including poverty reduction, improved livelihoods, cleanliness, green initiatives, and good governance. The village council, comprising seven members, worked hard to implement various initiatives and schemes that helped improve the living standards of the local people.

Ngopa is a large village located in the northeastern part of Mizoram near the Manipur border. It is home to approximately 4,600 people, living in 1,000 families. The village council's efforts towards good governance and poverty reduction, in particular, played a crucial role in winning the award.

The National Panchayat Award ceremony will take place in Delhi on April 17th. The village council will be presented with the award during the National Conference on Incentivization of Panchayats cum Award Ceremony. This recognition is a significant achievement for Ngopa, and it highlights the village council's hard work, dedication, and commitment towards building a better and more prosperous community.

Local officials and residents have welcomed the award and expressed their joy and pride in Ngopa's achievement. They believe that this recognition will inspire other villages in the state to work towards achieving similar goals, and it will motivate the government to invest more in rural development programs.

Overall, the National Panchayat Award is a significant recognition of the efforts of Ngopa's village council in making the village a better place to live. The award showcases the potential of rural communities and the vital role that local governance plays in promoting development and progress in the country.

                                                                         Mizoram: Ngopa Village Wins National Panchayat Award
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