Assam Govt schools lose 7 lakh students in 4 yr

Assam Govt schools lose 7 lakh students in 4 yr

There has been a spectacular decline of students in government schools in the past 4 years. The U-DISE, a Central Government's School Directory management System reports that in the past four years there have been 15 per cent negative growth of students in the Government schools of Assam.

On the 0ther hand, there has been 39% growth of students in the Private Schools.

This has been an open secret that government schools despite being the largest employment generator of Assam have slowly lost students to the Private Students.

The U-DISE report suggests that over the past four years Government schools have lost 7,22,410 students against the rise of 4,50,639 in the Private School.  The results have been shocking as the Government has instead Gunotsav to improve the infrastructure of the Govt. schools to get quality students.

At present, the quality students have more or less deserted government schools as an only very low-income group of the society have remained stuck with the government schools causing a serious problem in the state.

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