Russian Billionaire Can Make You IMMORTAL

Russian Billionaire Can Make You IMMORTAL

Humans have always tried to live forever, a Russian billionaire is so convinced immortality is inevitable that he has created and funded his own organisation to make it a reality.

To bring his ambitions of immortality to fruition, Internet businessman Dmitry Itskov (38) has recruited several top Russian scientists in the fields of robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, neural-computer interface, and artificial organ engineering to join his project '2045 Initiative', launched in 2011.

Itskov has a vision for immortality that is expansive in scope and based on an optimistic scenario of where science is headed in the next three decades.

"Within the next 30 years, I am going to make sure that we can all live forever. I'm 100 percent confident it will happen. Otherwise, I wouldn't have started it." He said.

This will be achieved by uploading your brain to a computer, which then drives a hologram that can take any shape, form or size that you please, they claim. It may be mentioned that Dmitry has spent millions helping scientists work on his dream.

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