To be MLA you have to be Graduate!

To be MLA you have to be Graduate!

If Assam Assembly Speaker Hitendra Nath Goswami has its way,the members of the next Assembly may have to have a certain degree ofeducation.

The Speaker, who is an eminent lawyer himself and considered one of the finest speakers of the Assam Assembly, has mooted the idea that since the panchayats has minimum educational qualifications, the Assembly members should also have their own educational standard.

The Speaker talking to newsmen this morning before thebeginning of the Monsoon session said that he would certainly send a proposalon behalf of the Assam Assembly to enact a new law so that legislators musthave at least minimum qualification.

Although he did not mention about the qualification his office suggested that the Speaker was toying with an idea of being Graduate to fight Assembly election.

But for the there has to be changed in the Peoples Representative Act and it has to be ratified by both the houses of the Parliament.

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