Ripun Bora Sends Best Wishes To New APCC President Bhupen Borah

Former Assam Pradesh Congress Committee President Ripun Bora has sent his best wishes to new president of APCC, Bhupen Borah on Sunday.

The congress leader said that the party will have to go forward amid lots of challenges.

He further said that the new president of APCC, Bhupen Borah has the capability to overcome the present challenge of the party.

Ripun Bora said, “Party members heart has been broken, we need new members in the party.”

He further suggested Bhupen Borah that the party will appoint new young members in it.

“I have no regrets over losing my president position from APCC,” said Ripun Bora.

He also said that those members who have left APCC, they left the party for their own selfish reasons.

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